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CatBirdBaby Pikkolo Baby Carrier

The CatBirdBaby Pikkolo Baby Carrier is among one of the lightest ergonomic soft structured baby carrier in the market today. It evolves out off the traditional Mei Tai baby carrier & is sometimes refer to as a “buckle-tai”.

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The CatBirdBaby Pikkolo is a compact, versatile, soft structured baby carrier that carries the baby from newborn up to 18 kgs. It’s unique feature is the unstructured waist which makes it possible to cinch the carrier narrower to enable small babies to ride legs-out or older infants to face forward comfortably. Shoulder straps have absorbant padding makes long periods of baby carrying easy and comfortable. All buckles adjust both ways for an optimal fit.

This is the New and Improved version for 2011 above:

  • improved cinching mechanism for easy forward facing carries
  • attached sleep hood with an internal storage pocket
  • sleep hood attaches with toggles instead of clips
  • chest clip now come attached on sliders on the shoulder strap, which allows for greater control over the placement of the chest belt

Use pikkolo:

  • with babies newsborns to toddlers up to 18kgs
  • front facing in or out
  • on your hip
  • on your back
  • with your detachable flat sleeping hood (included with purchase) when your little one’s head gets floppy


  • memory foam padding in shoulder straps is dense, providing support that isn’t bulky and conforms to your shape,
  • 100% brushed cotton canvas,
  • 100% cotton printed or solid canvas center panel,
  • unique built-in cinching mechanism that allows the panel width to be adjusted for allowing newborns to have legs out while facing in, or older babies to face out,
  • a detachable hood that may be used as a head support or to shield baby from sun or elements,
  • includes separate chest belt accessory for use in back carry (optional),
  • may be used with our Babywearing Support Belt accessory to convert to a more traditional padded belt structured carrier when baby enters toddler stage or surpasses 18-20 kg

The babywearing support belt accessory is an essential to long term use of the pikkolo. By adding a firmly padded waist support to your baby carrier, it enables the carrier to comfortably carry a heavier child.

  • We recommend the belt as something you may wish to graduate to as your child enters the 18-20 kg. range, not something you will want to add and remove frequently. 100% cotton fabric, made in US, patent-pending. Spot clean.

Tips on wearing:

The waist webbing is meant to go around your natural waist, or even above. If you are used to wearing buckle carriers such as Ergo or Beco lower on your hips, you may be putting the pikkolo on too low. Wearing it above your natural waist will shorten the body and bring the baby higher, so it usually works best for small babies and babies who want to face out (to give them more room to see out). Otherwise, wearing at the natural waist is the intended position.

Also, make sure that your baby’s bum is seated deeply into the carrier. If there is “pouching” or rumpled fabric in the area of the baby’s bum, then take the straps down, make sure baby’s legs are spread as wide as comfortable, smoothing fabric of carrier body out horizontally and bring out and up as you start to bring the shoulder straps up over your shoulders. You may even want to hold both shoulder straps and give a little bounce to get the baby in deeply.

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