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EM’S for Kids Audio Headphones

Em’s for Kids Headphones are built tough, and designed to handle everything kids can throw at them, while still offering high quality volume limit protection for your peace of mind.

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Em’s 4 Kids Audio HeadPhones are designed with kids in mind just like all of the em’s for kids earmuffs. They are built tough, and designed to handle everything kids can throw at them!

Em’s 4 Kids Audio HeadPhones are not technically noise cancelling, as they don’t use battery-powered noise cancelling functions. However, they are noise reducing – they act like a pair of regular earmuffs, while providing an audio option.

Em’s 4 Kids Audio HeadPhones have internal acoustic treatment, which ensures a noise reduction rating of 19dB. This means that a child is able to hear people talking and some other external noise, when the audio is not being used. However, when audio is being played through the headphones, a child will not be able to hear most external noises.

Features include:

  • In built volume limiting, ensuring the volume never reaches above 85dB – the maximum recommended level for prolonged exposure*
  • Inline volume adjustment
  • Internal acoustic treatment, reducing external noise
  • In-built strain relief to ensure the audio cord can’t be pulled out of the earmuff cups
  • Size adjustable
  • Includes zippable carry hardcase
  • Weigh only 220g

 Recommended age range: 12 months to mid-teens.

* American Speech, Language and Hearing Association; U.S. Center for Hearing & Communication


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