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Girm Killer Air 300ml

GK Air possesses broad spectrum bactericidal properties that can kill 99.9999% of bacteria. It improves indoor air quality by actively destroying odor-causing bacteria at the source. This product introduces an instant and lasting burst of freshness into your surroundings.

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Effective against
  • Gram-negative bacteria (P. Aeruginosa)
  • Gram-positive bacteria (Staph. Aureus)
Product Features
  • Freshens air in indoor environments
  • Safe for daily indoor use
  • Non-flammable
  • Refreshing green tea fragrance
  • Does not contain propellant
  • Surfactant free
Available Sizes
  • 300ml

Application for use:

  • Breathe ultimate fresh air the next time you turn on the air conditioner unit.
  • Eliminate cigarette odor.
  • Freshen up air in shared spaces such as bathrooms.
  • Keep rubbish bin and rubbish chute odor at bay.


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