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Playon Crayons – Box of 12 (Primary Colours Pack)

Fun, stackable crayons specially made for ages 2 to 4. We also have the Playon Crayons Pastel Colours Pack

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Playon Crayons will bring out the joy in drawing for your little one. This is a pack of 12 colours: red, orange, yellow, two shades of green, two shades of blue, purple, pink, peach, brown and black. We also have the Playon Crayons Pastel Colours Pack. At this special Craft4Kids price why not pick up some of both?

Playon Crayons are:
– Fun and Stackable!
– Vibrant and Stain free!
– Very strong! (the Craft4Kids girls have tested this thoroughly by throwing them on a hard floor – no breakage!)
– Easy to hold for little hands – they are the perfect first crayon.
– Encourage a correct pencil grip – ideal for any child of any age who is not using a correct grip.
– Long lasting

Made from wax, Playon Crayons are certified NON TOXIC by the Art & Creative Materials Institute, USA and also have the European standard CE mark. Each Playon Crayon is 3.3cm wide and 5.5cm tall. This size, and their strong construction which prevents breakage, minimises the risk of choking (which may be more of a risk with some other “first crayons” that are not much larger than a lolly). The box is recycled and recyclable.

Playon Crayons are recommended for children 2 years+

Weight 300 g


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